We are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration between MedLion and the Pan-American Life Insurance Group for the joint provision of innovative benefits solutions.

MedLion Direct Primary Care, the largest Direct Primary Care network in the country and Pan-American Life Insurance Group, a company with a 100 year heritage of providing life, accident and health insurance, announced today the formation of a program designed to benefit employers and employees across the country. The arrangement marks the first joint effort between a Direct Primary Care company and a national insurance company to offer employee benefits nationwide.

Pan-American Life’s U.S. Benefits’ suite of insurance products will be coupled with MedLion’s Direct Primary Care programs to benefit businesses. In addition, Pan-American Life’s U.S. Benefits division will administer a supplemental “wrap” insurance program exclusively for MedLion Direct Primary Care clients.

Reflecting Pan-American Life’s position as the thought leader for alternative benefits strategies throughout the United States, the combination benefits package is specifically designed to lower healthcare costs for employers across the country and offer innovative solutions that are compatible with Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates.

The working relationship with Pan-American Life will accelerate MedLion’s growth beyond the 26 states it currently operates in. 

MedLion benefits to employers:

  • Lower monthly premiums
  • Helps avoid Penalty A (up to $2,000 per FTE) when paired with an appropriate plan
  • Helps avoid Penalty B (up to $3,000 per FTE) when paired with an appropriate plan
  • Reduces unnecessary Worker Comp claims and associated costs
  • Portable upon employee termination

MedLion benefits to employees:

  • Covers 100% of primary care needs
  • $0 co-pay for all visits
  • Same/next day appointments
  • Longer visits, minimal wait times
  • Telemedicine access during business hours
  • Rapid access to clinics locally or nationally

Please contact us for details.


Samir Qamar (CEO, MedLion) & Carlo Mulvenna (Vice President, Pan-American Life)