MedLion Supports Members of the National Assocation of Health Underwriters (NAHU).

MedLion's Direct Primary Care products are distributed via brokers and agencies across the country to employers. MedLion supports NAHU members and offers numerous benefits to the broker community. 

How does MedLion Direct Primary Care work?

Employers pay one flat monthly fee of $85 per employee for access to all primary care services. MedLion is not an insurance company and does not provide insurance products. Brokers can combine MedLion's Direct Primary Care products with appropriate insurance offerings and distribute to employers. As a result, insurance use (and cost) is minimized to fewer occurences. Strategically implemented, employers can use Direct Primary Care to lower healthcare costs.

How does MedLion Direct Primary Care benefit employers?

In an age of ever increasing premiums, deductibles and co-insurance, MedLion delivers many benefits to employers.

  • MedLion helps employers lower overall healthcare costs as monthly premiums are up to 50% less
  • MedLion helps employers avoid Penalty A (up to $2,000 per FTE) when paired with an appropriate plan
  • MedLion helps employers avoid Penalty B (up to $3,000 per FTE) when paired with an appropriate plan
  • MedLion reduces unnecessary worker comp claims and associated costs
  • MedLion helps employers provide first dollar coverage and meaningful benefits at affordable rates

Please also see Three Reasons Why Employers Should Care about Direct Primary Care.

Where is MedLion currently offered?

MedLion is the largest and only national Direct Primary Care network delivering subscription-based primary care services to employers and their employees. MedLion is currently offered in 27 states including AZ, NV, TN, FL, CA etc. The MedLion Direct Primary Care network is growing rapidly and is expected to enter many more states in the near future. For a complete list of states and locations please contact MedLion or check here.

How does MedLion Direct Primary Care benefit employees?

  • MedLion covers 100% of routine healthcare needs with one flat monthly fee
  • Employees pay $0 co-pay for all visits and are able to get first dollar coverage under their subscription
  • Employees are able to get same/next day appointments -- a great benefit given difficulty obtaining timely appointments
  • Employees enjoy longer visits with the doctor with minimal wait times
  • Employees receive telemedicine access during business hours minimizing time away from work
  • Employees are able to get rapid access to MedLion clinics locally or nationally

What do NAHU members receive?

NAHU members distributing MedLion's products receive attractive sales commission rates, exclusive bonus incentives, and rewards. Please contact MedLion for details.

Other benefits to brokers include:

  • Opportunity to increase and stabilize agency and personal revenue by offering MedLion Direct Primary Care products
  • Introducing innovative healthcare products to clients
  • Reducing costs for clients while delivering more care
  • Marketing ACA-compliant solutions to retain old clients and acquire new ones
  • Applying cost-effective strategies to multiple industries 
  • Maintaining an edge over competition

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