MedLion and MedWand Digital Health Establish Exclusive Partnership to Distribute MedWand Digital Onsite Clinics (DOCs) to Employers via Benefits Brokers


MedLion Direct Primary Care, the largest Direct Primary Care network in the country, and MedWand Digital Health, an award-winning medical technology company, announced an exclusive partnership for distribution of MedWand products via broker channels. MedLion is now appointing authorized brokers across the country to offer MedWand Digital Onsite Clinic (DOC) and other MedWand products to employers.  

What is a MedWand Digital Onsite Clinic (DOC)?

  • MedWand is a portable consumer medical device, about the size of a computer mouse, that enables doctors to perform physical examinations remotely.
  • Using a MedWand doctors can remotely listen to heart, lungs, and abdomen; measure a patient’s temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and oxygen level; perform an EKG; look into eyes, ears, nose, and throat; and conduct skin exams.
  • The MedWand DOC is a complete package that can be easily placed in a private office to provide convenient employee access to care, comprising of two MedWands, a 10.4 ruggedized medical tablet with software, a 27” monitor for seamless video connection between the patient and doctor, a medical grade keyboard & mouse, and 50 accessory packs.
  • Use of MedWand DOCs will require telemedicine service and internet connection. Employers can use our preferred partner, Doctor on Demand, any major telemedicine provider of their choice, or their own onsite clinic providers.

MedWand DOC Benefits to Employers

  • Keeps employees onsite – decreases absenteeism and medical costs.
  • Onsite triage point for worker comp injuries.
  • Fraction of the cost of physical onsite clinics or kiosks.
  • A single MedWand DOC can care for 1 to 1,000 employees.
  • Portable handheld MedWands ideal for traveling employees or home use.
  • Telemedicine services may be covered under certain health insurance plans.

MedWand DOC Benefits to Brokers

  • Innovative healthcare technology products for clients.
  • Reduces healthcare costs for clients.
  • Earn attractive commissions on MedWand DOC sales.

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Samir Qamar (CEO, MedLion)