Why I Started MedLion Direct Primary Care

Posted by Samir Qamar on 9/3/15 11:00 AM
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Every year or two, my family would move to another country as I grew up the son of a United Nations diplomat. Wondering why I had to keep making new friends, one day I asked my father why we always traveled. He told me he had the ability to help people in one town, or a hundred towns. When asked which was better, the answer was obvious, and it was a lesson I never forgot.

It was that purpose – “helping people in a hundred towns” – that made me create MedLion Direct Primary Care, a new healthcare model designed to help people everywhere.

As House Physician to the famous Pebble Beach Resorts, I ran one of the most successful concierge medicine practices in the country. Although my private practice was successful, the broken healthcare system had hit unemployed workers particularly hard during the recession, and my thoughts constantly turned towards them.

Why not apply my successful subscription-based concierge model to everybody at lower cost?

I began MedLion in 2009 with the goal of helping people access affordable, high-quality care, and to help frustrated doctors enjoy the practice of medicine without the hassles of insurance.

Today, MedLion has operations in 26 states and is currently the largest Direct Primary Care group in the nation. Our core philosophy remains caring for patients and their primary care physicians.

For patients, MedLion continues to develop new ways of creating value:

  • Enhanced access and longer visits with well-trained physicians at lower cost;
  • Technology that allows patients to be examined while at the home or office;
  • Software to track patient outcomes or medication adherence;
  • Creation of health coaching and wellness programs to positively change behavior.

For doctors, MedLion continues to be a lightning rod for innovation, change, and above all, hope for primary care. More independent doctors join MedLion every year than any other Direct Primary Care company. The reason? We care for our doctors just like we care for our patients. At MedLion, we believe these are the two main characters involved in medical care, and both get our full attention.

With a dynamic and purpose-driven team MedLion is making big waves in the rough seas of healthcare. Removing insurance from the broken primary care system is challenging! Our work at MedLion is analogous to catching a runaway locomotive, stopping it, then putting it into reverse. As Direct Primary Care awareness increases, MedLion tirelessly works to build upon a promising industry it helped pioneer.

We didn’t want to keep MedLion confined to one town – like my father’s wisdom bestowed upon me in childhood, we wanted to spread it to hundreds of towns. We hope that as healthcare consumers, doctors, employers, and partners, you stand with MedLion as we continue our mission of traveling city to city, state to state, in our effort to heal the American healthcare system from the ground up.

Please join us!

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